Why Hire Me?

There are a thousands of people who can build you a website so why hire me?

Making It Easy

I make websites that are easy to use and maintain, using the very popular WordPress and Joomla content management systems (CMS).  These are great tools for two main reasons:

  • Rapid Application Design - WordPress and Joomla are designed so that features, functions and design templates can be quickly dropped in or taken out.  This greatly speeds up the development process and reduces costs.
  • Open Source / Portability - WordPress and Joomla are open source programs. That means the underlying code that runs them is public.  You'll never be held hostage to a particular developer.
  • Updates / Additions - Content management systems can be easily updated so that content is always current and new content can be added with ease.  (You can even learn easily to update your own site.)

Breadth Of Experience

I've built websites on my own for years but I've worked in business operations and systems for large corporations too.  I've also volunteered for not-for-profits.  Building a website isn't just about writing code or designing a nice looking page (as important as those things may be.)   It's about understanding what a client does and needs; that's how I add value.

Value For Your Money

If you're running a small or medium-sized organization you likely don't have a large budget for information technology.  You need a partner that is cost effective and able to take on some or all of the online work that you don't have the time or techniques to do.

Let's talk about how I can be your online partner.